How Alz Meter Works

We score your daily lifestyle choices and provide tools and coaching to improve your score. You get a sharpened mind and the peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to DIPS Alzheimer’s.

Alz Meter Score

Your Alz Meter Score is a reflection of your daily lifestyle choices. We provide you with coaching and tools needed to give you peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to DIPS Alzheimers.


Alz Meter is more than just a score. We are here to promote meaningful
actions for good brain health.

Other Features

Health App/Device Integration

Alz Meter allows you to easily connect apps and devices you currently use with direct imports from Apple Health and Google Fit.

By utilizing our app and device integration feature, Alz Meter continuously collects your data to optimize your experience throughout your health journey.

App and device integration will organize and centralize your data to eliminate the need to cycle through your many applications.



Make it easier to collect your lifestyle data by connecting
your existing health devices, apps and health data.


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College Student/App Tester
College Student/App Tester

Age 20

I REALLY love it! The amount of information was very informative and easy to navigate… it is very user friendly.


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