Frequently Asked Questions

Alz Meter 101
The Alz Meter wellness app is designed to encourage healthy lifestyles that can help Delay, Improve, Prevent, or Slow (DIPS) cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. It serves as a platform to track your lifestyle choices and receive personalized feedback, providing valuable insights. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of life of our users by promoting better brain health through education and actionable steps.
No. We are a wellness app and do not diagnose or treat any condition. A high score on Alz Meter indicates that, based on current research, you are taking proactive steps to DIPS Alzheimer’s through a healthy lifestyle and successful management of key health metrics. Conversely, a low score suggests that there is ample room for improvement. We do not consider factors outside your control such as genetics, nor do we consider environmental factors, which may or may not be reasonably in your control. For medical diagnosis or treatment, we recommend that you seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor.
While a cure for Alzheimer's disease is yet to be discovered, research indicates that lifestyle choices can have a meaningful impact on symptoms. At Alz Meter, we are dedicated to helping our users adopt healthy lifestyle changes that have the potential to Improve or Slow the symptoms of Alzheimer's.
The Alz Meter score is generated based on extensive research on ways to DIPS cognitive decline. The basic Alz Meter score analyzes the data on your lifestyle choices, “SLEDSS”. The comprehensive score combines your lifestyle choices along with 7 key health metrics.
DIPS is why you’re here! Depending on where you are in your journey, one or more may apply to you:
D = Delay the onset
I = Improve the symptoms
P = Prevent the onset
S = Slow the progression
of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias
SLEDSS are the controllable lifestyle factors we measure to assess how well you’re living to DIPS Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.
Stress Management
Account and Subscription Questions

If you purchased within the app, please visit Subscriptions on your device.

If you purchased through, then log in at then select Switch Plan.

We are currently offering special Introductory Pricing of:



Gift Subscriptions are available for $10/four months and $25/year

All subscriptions include a 14-day free trial period.

Within the app, choose profile, then click on settings at the top right, then at the very bottom select Delete Account. Once complete, your data cannot be retrieved so please consider this carefully.

Yes, regular subscriptions renew automatically. If you received a gift subscription, that will not auto-renew. Can we say something like: If you would like your subscription to auto-renew following the gift period, simply add your payment information to your account and select a subscription that will take effect when the gift ends
Linking your Apple Health/Google Fit account is not mandatory, but we strongly recommend doing so. By linking, daily inputs for Sleep, Exercise and Stress Management and many health metrics can be made automatically. This seamless connection ensures that you maximize the benefits of Alz Meter with minimal effort.
Data Usage
All user data is securely stored on AWS.
Yes your data will be completely erased, so please make this choice carefully.
You are the only one that has access to all of your data. Alz Meter minimizes employee access to only the data that may be necessary to address technical and customer service concerns.
To delete your data open the Alz Meter app>go to settings>press delete account>type your first and last name to confirm that you want to delete your account and data>press delete account
At this time the app is not designed to support offline use.
Profile data and subscription updates can be entered on the website. To enjoy the rest of the app’s features, please open the app on your device.